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Please carefully read the following information: Hope International Seminary of Theology / Seminario Internacional TeolÉgico Esperanza / SITE, provides you with an easy and systematic way to make your payments through an educational payment plan. This plan has the advantage of not accruing interest, allowing you to split up the total cost of each course into payments.
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Once you have completed your program of study and after having fulfilled your financial responsibilities, Hope International Seminary of Theology will grant you a Degree or title according to your selected program of study. You will also be provided with a copy of your grades (transcript). If in the future you should desire copies of your grades or official copies of your transcript, we can provide these for a minimal fee. The student agrees to pay for each course in advance, that is, at the time of order of the new course or material. There will be final deadlines for the payment of books in order to avoid an interruption in the sequence of study. If you wish to receive transfer credits for previous courses you completed through other institutions or receive credits from ministry experience please contact us by e-mail at:

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